Peel Park to North Richmond Pathway Connection

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Redbank Communities has engaged landscaping contractor HL Landscapes to complete the delivery of a new pathway along your street in North Richmond. These Hawkesbury City Council approved works include construction of a new footpath along Pecks Road, Campbell Street, Charles Street and William Street.

Redbank Communities is committed to the overall infrastructure upgrade of North Richmond, and this work is part of the ongoing improvement of the pathway connection network in the area, in accordance with Hawkesbury City Council guidelines.

This upgrade works will improve & extend pedestrian access and make it safer for you, your family, and your neighbors to walk along these roads, and walk towards the shops in North Richmond. Please see the attached document and map for the scope of the works (New footpath is marked in Red and existing footpath is marked in Blue).

Works on this pathway connection will start mid-July 2018, and we expect to have this completed by November 2018 weather permitting. The working hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm and Saturdays 8am to 1pm. No work will be carried out on Sundays or public holidays.

Please be rest assured and confident that Redbank Communities and HL Landscapes are both mindful and committed to minimising the impact of all works on all residents living in and passing through the area. We greatly appreciate your patience over the duration of this work and aim to complete it with minimal disturbance.

Here are some additional information on the works:

Peel Park to North Richmond Pathway Connection

 A new pathway connection. 

Redbank Communities is providing a new pathway connecting Peel Park and North Richmond Town Centre. This pathway connection will be constructed by Redbank Communities as part of the development agreement between Redbank Communities and Hawkesbury City Council at no cost to the Council or the Community.

Redbank- Linking people and places.

 Redbank North Richmond is a new master planned community being developed in North Richmond. On completion, Redbank North Richmond will provide a variety of housing options together with significant community infrastructure including upgraded sporting and playground facilities in Peel Park and this pathway link between Peel Park and North Richmond Town Centre.

Where is the path going?

 The preferred route of the pathway has been agreed through a series of discussions with key stakeholders. From Peel Park it is proposed to run East along the Northern verge of Pecks Road to Campbell Street then continuing East, past the Scout hall, connecting with the existing footpath on Elizabeth Street. The next new section of pathway will commence heading East along the Northern verge of Charles Street, across William Street to join with the existing pathway on Bells Line of Road. Another new section of pathway will run South-East in the Western verge of William Street, from the North Richmond Community Centre, past the existing school bus stop to join with the existing pathway on Grose Vale Road. Please refer to the map below for an overview of the route.

What happens where the path crosses my driveway?

 Where the new path crosses an existing concrete driveway, the existing driveway will be retained and the new path will align neatly up to either side of the driveway. Circumstances where his cannot occur, the path will continue through the driveway. The driveway will be made good either side of the pathway with a surface treatment to match or compliment the existing driveway surface.

Existing street trees

 Wherever practical, existing street trees will be retained and the new path will go around the trees. Every effort has been made to locate the path in the roadside verge, which is wide enough to accommodate both the new path and the existing trees. Where the path passes close to an existing tree, the tree’s condition has been assessed by an independent consulting arborist to determine if the tree is likely to tolerate the disturbance resulting from the work installing the path. In certain locations tree branches or roots will require pruning to achieve the required clearance to install the path. In most cases this will have little impact on the condition of the tree. In other situations where pruning is not adequate and the path cannot be adjusted to achieve the required clearance and the likely impacts are determined to be too great, regrettably these trees will need to be removed.