Yarramundi Bridge and Associated Road Works

Our team has received countless phone calls from existing residents in North Richmond and purchasers alike relating to the progress of the Part 5 application for the proposed multi span bridge at Yarramundi.

The proposed bridge was resubmitted to Council on 2 August 2016 under a Part 5 application. This type of application provides more certainty in the review process, away from politics, and will independently be assessed by Penrith City Council.

As existing residents know too well, additional river crossings have been on the agenda for many years. The Yarramundi Reserve has been a dedicated road reserve since 1889 and there have been multiple bridge studies in this area since to no avail. 

After endless Council and Community Consultations, there have been no rational alternate solution identified, resulting in no additional river crossing to help ease traffic congestion.

Our proposed solution is fully funded by the Developer with no cost to the rate payer and is ready to proceed in accordance with our approved Voluntary Planning Agreement.

The bridge is designed higher than the existing Richmond Bridge and although a 5-ton limit has been set by Council to assist in restricting truck use, its actual tonnage limit exceeds this and can easily accommodate vehicles of all sizes.

To enable delivery of the proposed bridge, the next step for Hawkesbury City Council is to amend the Plan of Management for the Yarramundi Reserve. North Richmond Joint Venture have provided all of the necessary documentation for Council to proceed with this and are awaiting notification as to when this will take place.

The bridges construction has been a hot topic of discussion amongst many locals and it needs everyone’s support to ensure this important piece of infrastructure progresses.

To follow progress of the bridge enter PT50002/16 into the Councils DA tracker and to lodge your support please email council@hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au.

Yobarnie Rise
Update Info

Redbank is only weeks away from welcoming the estates first residents as a handful of purchaser’s homes are nearing completion.

Eastablishment of Redbank’s first release Yobarnie Rise is progressing with more than 70 designs for new homes now being approved and 50 homes under construction.

Some purchasers have raised concerns regarding items being stolen or dumped on their allotments. Purchasers are advised to have your temporary fencing panels installed to protect your lots as soon as possible and ensure builders have them fully locked up before they leave at night and on weekends.

All issues should be advised to Hawkesbury City Council on 02 4560 4444.

Recent resales in Yobarnie Rise:
• 641m2 original price $365,000 (resold $475,000) 

Mountain View
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Landscaping in Mountain View is well underway and you might notice a few more changes around the precinct in the coming weeks.

Concrete pouring of footpaths has begun and planting preparation has commenced for the installation of Mountain View's mature street trees.

These trees are expected to be delivered early next week and installed over the following fortnight. We should have some great photos for the next update as the precinct continues to take shape.

During recent discussions with Sydney Water, they have agreed to the proposed staged delivery of servicing. We can confirm The Gallery will be registered first, followed by Mountain View in two stages.

Two open days will be held for Mountain View purchasers to come and view their lots prior to registration. Friday 25 November 2016, 9:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday 26 November 2016, 9:00am to 12:00pm.

On Saturday from 12:00pm, there will be an informal BBQ at our Sales office for any Mountain View purchasers who would like to meet their neighbours.

Recent resales in Mountain View include:
• 504m2 original price $363,000 (resold $435,000)

Update Info

Belmont purchasers were advised of a delay to registration of their lots and it is now anticipated Registration will take place in the last quarter of 2017.

Our Team are currently finalising the Construction Certificate with Hawkesbury City Council.

Belmont's Construction Management Plan has been received from JK Williams and negotiations on final pricing are underway.

Initial work funding has been approved and we are moving closer to commencement of initial site works and dam decommissioning before the end of 2016.

This week we offered 40 affected purchasers in Belmont a Deed of Variation, which is a 12 month extension to the sunset date. This was offerered as a good will gesture from us to lock in your purchase price if delays are experienced.

There has been some confusion that the sunset date extension is the registration date. This is not the case and registration is still expected by the 4th quarter next year.

Currently we have nine blocks remaining for sale with a starting price of $595,000.





The Gallery
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The Gallery precinct SOLD OUT last weekend as excited purchasers snapped up the few remaining homes!

During recent discussions with Sydney Water, they agreed to the proposed staged delivery of servicing. We can confirm The Gallery will be the first stage in this delivery.

It is disappointing that  Hawkesbury City Councillors have chosen to further defer a review of the Development Applications relating to Lots 104 - 113 for another 3 months, forcing their approval to be determined by the Land and Environment Court at a cost to Hawkesbury rate payers.

As reported in this weeks Hawkesbury Gazette, Hawkesbury City Councils Director of City Planning, Matt Owens, advised Councillors that "Council’s defence was likely to fail, because there was nothing wrong with the DAs".

Councillor Nathan Zamprogno added he "thinks the Developers legal case is air tight".

All necessary paperwork has been lodged with the Land and Environment Court by our legal team at Addison’s. We are putting all of our resources into strenuously challenging this matter in order to progress with building our purchasers new homes as soon as possible.

These Development Applications do not affect land registration for the precinct. Registration of land for The Gallery is anticipated to take place in December 2016.

Update Info

The Yeomans precinct has had 19 sales contract exchanged over the last 14 days.

North Richmond Joint Venture submitted a Development Application for Yeomans precinct to Hawkesbury City Council in March 2016.

We are still waiting to be advised of a Joint Regional Planning Panel review date for the Development Application but remain hopeful that this will be prior to the end of the year.

We anticipate registration will take place in October 2017.

This anticipated timeframe of course is, like all stages, dependent on final approvals and weather conditions during civil construction.  

Fast Facts

Cost of preparing the Develoment Application for the proposed Yarramundi Bridge and approaches was in excess of $800,000

Redbank is a major race sponsor at the Hawkesbury Racecourse Ladies Day on 3 November 2016

A tender will be selected for Redbank’s on-site Childcare Centre in the next 2 weeks

35% of Redbanks purchasers already reside in the Hawkesbury LGA

427 lots have sold at Redbank to date

There will be 85 acres of open space including parklands, walkways and recreational areas upon the estates completion

Over 5,000 people have registered their interest in Redbank since October 2014

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