An ancient land

The first Australians of this region are the Darug peoples of the Boorooberongal clan. With the help of archaeologists, we have preserved around 6,000 Aboriginal stone tools and carvings from Redbank’s sandstone terrain.


Governor Arthur Phillip first explored the Hawkesbury region.


First Australians and settlers clashed in the Battle of Richmond Hill. A memorial at St John of God Richmond Hospital commemorates those Darug people who died defending their land.


Governor Lachlan Macquarie travelled to Richmond Hill and Richmond Terrace (known as Belmont at the time) and chronicled the beauty of the land.


Sydney engineer Percival Alfred Yeomans purchased 740 acres at Redbank and pioneered sustainable agriculture. His farming methods are followed to this day, with some of his original keyline system at Redbank heritage protected as part of a community bike trail. He named his farm Yobarnie, a blend of his sons’ names.


The Commissioner of Railways purchased a section of the site for a railway siding and named it ‘Redbank’.


Agriculturalists from all over the country travelled to Yobarnie to learn about PA Yeoman’s ‘new method of farming’, designed to protect soil and maximise natural topography.


The ‘Yeomans Plow’ became popular with farmers and is still in production today.


PA Yeomans published The City Forest as a guide to developing land in sympathy with nature. His principles are still applied by many town planners and landscape architects.


Redbank North Richmond launched lot sales in October 2014 and sold all of Stage 1 (Yobarnie Rise) in just six weeks.


Redbank North Richmond’s first residents moved in and have started to build their new life, create their own patch and meet their new neighbours.

In 5 years...

Redbank will be a thriving and connected community of proud Hawkesbury residents, building new memories for generations to come.


Some of our first residents included the lively community of people living at RSL’s Kingsford Smith Village and Ron Middleton Gardens Nursing Home.