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Redbank Community News 29-Jun-2018

The Sunday Racer

The Old English name for Sunday, Sunnandæg, means "day of the sun." That is exactly what we experienced at the Redbank Go Kart Race Day at the Indy 800 Kart Track on Sunday, 17th June 2018. The sun was up bright and early and so were we!

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Redbank Community News 31-May-2018

Redbank Dragon Boat Race Day

On your mark…get set…paddle!

On the 5th of May almost fifty residents from the Redbank family gathered at the Sydney International Regatta Centre to participate in a fun morning of Dragon Boat Racing organised by Redbank Communities.

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Redbank Community News 30-Apr-2018

The Hawkesbury Show 2018

The 132nd annual Hawkesbury show lived up to the hype this year with over 60,000 people attending the three day event. Redbank Communities has continued its proud major sponsorship of this fantastic event showcasing the best the Hawkesbury has to offer and is now one of the largest regional events in the NSW.

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